Narrative Portraiture: Portraits of Two Texas Artists

with Chris Orwig
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Narrative Portraiture: Portraits of Two Texas Artists
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In the Narrative Portraiture series, photographer and teacher Chris Orwig explores how to use location and natural light to create images that tell stories about their subjects and produce a strong emotional connection.

In this installment, Chris travels to Texas to visit two artists: David Cargill, a Beaumont sculptor who works with bronze and marble, and Charles Stagg, another Beaumont sculptor but in recycled and found materials. Chris takes their portraits and spends time discussing the composition and lighting in each session.

Chris also reviews the photos he took, and discusses the gear he used and the lessons he learned while visiting with and photographing these artists.



Hi, I'm Chris Orwig. Welcome to Narrative Portraiture, the series where we focus in on the art and craft of creating portraits which have authenticity, story, and depth. And in our previous installment we went to Beaumont, Texas and we met up with a fascinating fine-art photographer, Keith Carter. We sat down with Keith at his home and studio. We talked about creativity, photography, and life. And you know Keith through his teaching, photography books, and exhibits, which are shown around the world.

He has inspired thousands, including myself. Well here in this installment we're still in Texas and we're still with Keith, but this time Keith is going to be our ambassador or guide. He's going to introduce us to two interesting artists who've had a creative impact on his own life. Keith has told me on different occasions, "Chris, never underestimate the value, the inspiration which can be gained from spending time artists." Well, here in this installment, that's exactly what we're going to do.

We're going to go out on location and we're going to explore how we can create portraits in different lighting scenarios. We'll look at how we can capture photographs in order to tell different stories. So I invite you to join us as we go out on location, as we explore how to create more telling and compelling pictures of people.

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