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lynda.com’s New Programming Courses Aim to Accelerate Web Development Skills

New Courses Break Down the Coding Language Barrier for Users Interested in Front-End Development

April 25, 2014 – CARPINTERIA, Calif – lynda.com, an online education company, today announces a new wave of front-end development and programming courses designed to teach members how to quickly and easily develop complex web applications. Web development skills are in high demand among employers, so the new tutorials are especially useful for college grads and those looking to expand their careers or launch new ones in software engineering. One of the recently released courses shows how to teach coding to children, giving them a competitive edge on the next generation’s job market.

New courses include:

Up and Running with AngularJS with Ray Villalobos
Building applications is no longer reserved for experienced coders. In this course, full-time lynda.com author and programming veteran Ray Villalobos helps beginner and advanced coders develop single-page web applications fast using AngularJS. Ray shows users how to understand the practical uses of AngularJS with a directory search project—a traditional type of web app you can add to your existing sites. Learn the simple way to build your own complex web application.

Up and Running with CoffeeScript with Ray Villalobos
CoffeeScript allows front-end developers to write JavaScript more beautifully and efficiently. This course teaches the best features from the CoffeeScript language, as well as how to write common JavaScript commands more effectively using CoffeeScript. Author Ray Villalobos also shows how to work with Gulp.js, a streaming build system for not only CoffeeScript, but also Sass, LESS, JavaScript, and CSS.

Starting at just $25 a month, memberships give access to over 116,000 videos in more than 2,500 courses— with an average of 15 new courses released each week across a variety of categories. Some of the latest courses include the following: 

Foundations of Programming: Programming for Kids with David Gassner
Design the Web: Adobe Generator for Graphics with Chris Converse
Photoshop CC for Web Design with Justin Seeley
Up and Running with Cloud Service APIs with Joseph Lowery 

Rewarding Employees Todd Dewett
iPad for Business with Christopher Breen
Balancing Work and Life with Dave Crenshaw
Customer Service Fundamentals with Jeff Toister 

Audio + Music
Synth Programming Basics with Scott Hirsch
GarageBand Essential Training with Garrick Chow
Making Beats in Logic Pro X with Dot Bustelo
Up and Running with MainStage 3 with Julian Velard 

About lynda.com
lynda.com is an online education company that helps anyone learn software, technology, creative and business skills to achieve personal and professional goals. Through individual, corporate, academic and government subscriptions, members have access to the lynda.com video library of engaging, top-quality courses taught by recognized industry experts. The company also provides German-, French- and Spanish-language content under the video2brain brand name. Learn more about the lynda.com story at www.lynda.com/press and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/lynda.

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