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lynda.com Celebrates Work of Visionary Photographer Natalie Fobes in New Documentary

Pulitzer Prize finalist and regular National Geographic contributor, Fobes' images span continents and capture a shifting world

July 13, 2010 - CARPINTERIA, CA – lynda.com, the award-winning online training provider of computer skills education for consumers, businesses and schools, announces the release of a new Creative Inspirations documentary on critically acclaimed photographer, Natalie Fobes. Celebrated for her global portfolio of breathtaking images of people, places, and wildlife, the documentary video explores the life of this trained photojournalist and regular contributor to the esteemed National Geographic magazine.

Wide ranging in her talents, lynda.com’s new documentary release uncovers the story behind Natalie’s magazine assignments, her published books, and the adventures of shooting on location. From the wilds of Indonesia to Mexico’s Copper Canyon, the Pulitzer Prize finalist has taken the shots that capture nature’s ravages and beauty. The documentary brings viewers into Natalie’s home studio and a backyard overlooking Washington’s Puget Sound. A new mother of adopted children, Natalie also discusses the ongoing task of reinventing herself and balancing competing demands.
“Natalie Fobes represents the best in breed photographer, who in today’s shifting world has reinvented herself numerous times,” says Lynda Weinman, co-founder of lynda.com. “She serves as an inspiration to people who want to balance family and career, creativity and practicality.”

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