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lynda.com founder Lynda Weinman goes behind the scenes with story of AIGA

 Decades of inventive content creation distinguishes 20,000-member association for design

June 1, 2010 - CARPINTERIA, CA – lynda.com, the award-winning online training provider of computer skills education for consumers, businesses and schools, announces the release of a documentary on AIGA, the oldest and largest professional organization dedicated to design. Established in 1914, AIGA strives “to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force.”

The new lynda.com Presents: AIGA documentary helps viewers understand AIGA’s role in supporting designers at every stage of their careers, regardless of discipline or medium. The video is a travelogue based on lynda.com co-founder Lynda Weinman’s recent visit to the professional association’s headquarters in New York City. As a newly elected member of AIGA’s national board of directors, Lynda's journey introduces us to AIGA through the eyes of some of the most talented and influential designers of our time. Lynda visits the AIGA National Design Center on Fifth Avenue, home to the breathtaking design archives (dating back to the 1920’s), as well as the premiere of “365: AIGA Annual Design Exhibition.” She also touches down at New York’s School of Visual Arts and at Sterling Brands, the largest brand consultancy in the country, located in the Empire State building. Those interviewed include AIGA executive director Richard Grefé, national AIGA president Debbie Millman, former AIGA president Sean Adams, and AIGA Voice editor Steven Heller.
“AIGA elevates design in our culture, positioning it as an indispensible art form,” said Lynda Weinman. “The documentary not only spreads the word about AIGA’s long tradition of supporting inventive design, but about the intelligence and problem-solving skills that its members apply to meet their clients’ needs.”
“Creativity can defeat habit and AIGA has sought to fulfill that potential and document it, simultaneously, over its nearly 100 years. We have engaged designers around the country and now the world in advancing design, the delight of its expression, its visualization of ideas, and contribution to a vital and ever evolving popular culture.” said Richard Grefé, AIGA’s executive director. “The documentary speaks to our history and tells the story of an association that brings its community together to present and support its collective talents, while demonstrating to others the value of design.”

About lynda.com
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About AIGA
AIGA, www.aiga.org, the professional association for design, stimulates thinking about design, demonstrates the value of design and empowers the success of designers at each stage of their careers. AIGA’s mission is to advance designing as a professional craft, strategic tool and vital cultural force. Founded in 1914, AIGA remains the oldest and largest professional membership organization for design, and is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) educational institution.

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