MODO 501 Essential Training

with Dan Ablan
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MODO 501 Essential Training
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In this course, author Dan Ablan walks through the process of understanding the MODO workflow while learning to create 3D models and animations. The course teaches fundamental tasks, such as modeling polygons and applying materials with the Shader Tree, while exploring scene building in depth through advanced lighting, camera, and animation techniques. The course also covers MODO's schematic tools and shows how to render animations for various playback media.

Topics include:
  • Understanding surfaces and symmetry
  • Editing polygons
  • Shaping, deforming, and cloning objects
  • Working with text
  • Instancing objects
  • Applying procedural and image-mapped textures
  • Adding bump maps
  • Creating reflections
  • Working with different light types
  • Blending light sources
  • Setting up and animating cameras
  • Adding and controlling keyframes
  • Creating hair textures
  • Working with the painting and sculpting tools
  • Setting up inverse kinematics
  • Exporting a full scene
3D + Animation


- Hi, I'm Dan Ablan, and I'd like to welcome you to modo 501 Essential Training. Luxology's modo has quickly become and continues to be one of the most powerful and widely used 3D applications on the market today. In this course, we're going to cover navigation through the modeling tools and the Shader Tree. And we'll explore the workflow that has made modo so popular. You'll see how to model with both polygons and subdivision surfaces and use the Shader Tree to apply materials. We'll look at how to set up scenes with various objects, then animate them using key frames while editing motions in the Graph Editor.

Beyond the basics, I'll show you how to create lighting for product shots, environmental lighting, and even volumetric lighting. Finally, we'll render the animation for various playback media. I've been using modo since version 1.0 way back in 2004, and I'm happy to share this knowledge with you. Now, let's get started with modo 501 Essential Training.

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