Light and Texture for Product Visualization in MODO

with Ellery Connell
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Light and Texture for Product Visualization in MODO
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This course will help you build the skills you need to create stunning product visualizations in MODO. Learn how to work with materials, textures, UV maps, lights, and environments, as well as how to create clean and professional finished renders.

Topics include:
  • UV mapping
  • Working with texture layers
  • Texture layer blending
  • Instancing layers
  • Using multilayered materials
  • Polygonal lighting
  • Creating painted environments
  • Rendering and render settings
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- Hi, I'm Ellery Connell. Author, designer, and educator. I have nearly 20 years of experience creating 3D for print, web, visualization, visual effects, and game design. I've taught seminars, webinars, training videos, and university level courses in 3D modeling animation and visual effects. And I'm author of the book 3D for Graphic Designers. Over the years I've found that many of my best clients have been excellent designers that don't have the 3D skills necessary to complete portions of their projects that require a 3D skill set. This opens up a great market for both 3D artists looking for a marketable use for the skills, as well as graphic designers and artists that are looking for a leg up on their competition.

This series will help you to enhance your skills to create stunning visualizations. We'll cover the creation of materials and textures, UV maps, lights, environments, as well as options for finished rendering. After watching this course and practicing the techniques demonstrated, you'll be ready to create clean and professional product visualization renders. These skills will allow you to take simple or complex models and turn them into complete and compelling 3D scenes. I hope that you enjoy this training. Let's get started.

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