Getting Started with MODO 601

with Ellery Connell
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Getting Started with MODO 601
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MODO is a 3D modeling and design application that can be used to create still and animated images in 3D space. In this workshop author, designer, and educator Ellery Connell introduces you to the MODO interface and workflow, teaching you how to create models, textures, lighting, animation, and finished renderings. This course prepares digital artists to enter the world of 3D in MODO and helps those already familiar with MODO get up to speed with the new tools introduced in MODO 601.

Topics include:
  • What is MODO?
  • Understanding 3D design
  • The MODO layout tabs
  • MODO fundamentals
  • Working with modeling tools
  • Materials, textures, and surfaces
  • UV mapping
  • Animation
  • Lighting and rendering
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Ellery Connell, author, designer, and educator. I have nearly 20 years of experience creating 3D for print, web, visualization, visual effects, and game design. I've taught seminars, webinars, and university-level courses in 3D modeling, animation, and visual effects, so I've seen many of the stumbling blocks that are encountered by artists and designers new to 3D. For many people, attempting to learn modo, or 3D in general, the initial learning curve can be daunting and sometimes the problems encountered outweigh the excitement of learning amazing new skills.

In this introductory course, I'll help you get past the entry-level difficulties and start making great-looking 3D fast. This course will cover the basics of using and customizing the modo user interface, creating and editing models, using texture creation tools, adding animation to your scenes, and creating finished images and animations using modo's excellent rendering engine. This course will prepare you for entering the world of 3D in modo, or help you get up to speed with the new tools introduced in modo 601. After watching this course and practicing the techniques demonstrated, you'll be well on your way to creating great designs.

You'll have a firm understanding of all of the basics of a 3D production pipeline so you can get started on your first projects. I hope that you enjoy this training. Let's get started.

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