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Music Production Tools Training

If you want to make, produce and share your music, you’ve got to master the tools of your trade. Learn everything from the fundamentals to the latest tips and tricks for Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Ableton Live, and more.

24 courses and 981 video tutorials. Free 10-day trial

Harness Logic Pro X's powerful features to make music that sells.

40 courses and 1,624 video tutorials. Free 10-day trial

Learn to record your song ideas quickly and polish them into demos.

16 courses and 526 video tutorials. Free 10-day trial

Learn how to create music and manipulate sound in real time, on stage, or while producing in the studio.

4 courses and 101 video tutorials. Free 10-day trial

Learn how to use the industry’s most trusted editing tool for professional music video production. Learn how to record songs, make beats, publish podcasts, share MP3s from GarageBand, and more.

Plus, complete training on these music production tools & topics:

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Audio Mixing Bootcamp with Bobby Owsinski is incredible. He’s able to explain complicated concepts very well. Great instructor, great course, and great visuals. SPENCER J.
I'm loving your audio courses. The step-by-step Pro Tools videos and Foundations of Audio series are great. But the gold medal goes to Brian Lee White's Mixing a Rock Song in Pro Tools. This course is like watching over Brian's shoulder as he mixes a song start to finish, and I am getting so much out of each video. Thrilling. DANIEL T.
I visited your site and found the Digital Audio Principles series. That's all I needed to sign up. Your breadth of tutorials is fantastic and I enjoy the format. In a video, I can see and learn. PAUL G.

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