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For over 10 years, Jess Stratton has operated her own technology consulting business, creating and maintaining databases for both enterprise and small-to-medium businesses, building websites, setting up networks, and coaching teams, employees, and individuals to harness the latest desktop and mobile technology for increased productivity. Jess is now a full-time staff author, in addition to being a regular and regarded presenter at Lotus Notes conferences and a contributing author for several industry print and web magazines, textbooks, podcasts, webcasts, and other popular sites, including You can find Jess on her website at or follow her on Twitter @NerdGirlJess.

Garrick Chow is a senior staff author, and has authored more than 60 courses, covering a diverse range of topics. He regularly leads live classes and seminars at private companies, government agencies, colleges, and universities. He has been a presenter at the Macworld conference, and at events for design associations such as AIGA and UCDA. His interests include audio and music production, digital lifestyle tools, and fitness-related apps and gadgets. When not sitting in front of a computer screen, Garrick can be found playing with the indie-rock band The Jellybricks ( or trail running. Visit him at or follow him on Twitter @garrickchow.

Nick Brazzi is a full-time staff author to craft cutting-edge training courses on top productivity tools. Before that, he was a software trainer and instruction designer for Apple, and a regular guest speaker for several Macintosh user groups in the Silicon Valley. In his spare time, Nick demonstrates his skills in various unicycle-related sports.
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    Discover the latest in home technology. Get reviews and recommendations of products like fitness monitors, smart lighting systems, speakers, routers, and other devices that make our lives more productive and fun.

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“My area of interest is 3D modeling. I find to contain very comprehensive, hands-on, broad, and useful tutorials. It is kind of addictive, really.” —Emilios
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