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As a long-time member of AIGA and newly elected member of its national board of directors, founder Lynda Weinman was invited to attend the organization's annual design awards gala in New York City last fall. A few days before the event, she spent some time getting to know some of the AIGA’s key members and touring the organization's offices and archives.

Lynda's journey introduces us to the professional association for design, through the eyes of some of the most talented and influential designers of our time. Lynda visits AIGA's National Design Center on Fifth Avenue, home to the breathtaking design archives (dating back to the 1920's) as well as this year's premiere of 365: AIGA's Annual Design Exhibition. She also touches down at New York's School of Visual Arts and at Sterling Brands, the largest brand consultancy in the country, located in the Empire State building. Those interviewed include executive director Ric Grefé, national AIGA president Debbie Millman, former president Sean Adams, and editor Steven Heller from Voice: AIGA’s Journal of Design.



(cheerful, upbeat music) - We have too much information and too little understanding, and design is the intermediary. - We're not just decorators, and we're not just framers of content; we're creators of content. - I felt, as I went from chapter to chapter, it was sort of one best-kept secret after another.

- Does anything else happen with this work? - It travels. - You could spend a week in here and get the entire history of design from the very best people, doing their very best work.

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