2010 SBIFF Writers' Panel: It Starts with the Script

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2010 SBIFF Writers' Panel: It Starts with the Script
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As a sponsor of the 25th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, lynda.com is delighted to put you in the front row of four fascinating panel discussions with some of Hollywood's top filmmakers, including a number of Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy, and Academy Award winners and nominees. Join us for the writer's panel featuring Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek) and Nancy Myers (It's Complicated).



(Music playing.) Jason Reitman: I find when adapting, look, there is part of it that makes it easy, in that you are stealing someone else's genius.

And it's the best writing partner on earth, because they just give, give, give, and never argue with any of your notes. Alex Kurtzman: And we realized that's exactly why we have to do it, because if we don't protect it and someone else does this, and we go to that theater and hate it, then the person most culpable will be us. Scott Neustadter: We had like a 110 page first act. And that's when we realized, I am like, "Oh, wow, this is going nowhere. Some of it's funny. Some of it's horrible. Where are we going?" Nancy Meyers: I did want just to challenge myself to try to write a movie that worked comedically, in sort of a full throttle kind of way.

Geoffrey Fletcher: I didn't know if any one would, if it would be made or seen or even widely seen, but I did know that I was never more fulfilled to work on anything in my life. (Music playing.)

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