2010 SBIFF Women's Panel: Creative Women in the Business

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2010 SBIFF Women's Panel: Creative Women in the Business
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As a sponsor of the 25th Annual Santa Barbara International Film Festival, lynda.com is delighted to put you in the front row of four fascinating panel discussions with some of Hollywood's top filmmakers, including a number of Golden Globe, Emmy, Grammy, and Academy Award winners and nominees. Join us for the women's panel featuring Sarah Siegel-Magness (producer, Precious) and Joan Sobel (editor, A Single Man).



(inspirational music) - When the film was over, he invited me to come work for him at Columbia Pictures.

And I asked someone, "Should I do this?" And they said, "Well, when you get invited to Hollywood, "you've got to go." - I walk down the street, and I'll see somebody and say, "Oh my God, that's such a Coen Brother face." - Sometimes you get a chance to work with someone who is just so amazingly creative. - Once you make a film like "Precious," it's impossible to stop thinking about those girls. - That's part of a blankness that is a gift that you can go to your beginner's mind and go, "I'm blank." And the stuff starts to come in in a pure way.

- You need to develop your ability to go and do the most difficult thing in front of you, because it's a more interesting way to live. (inspirational music)

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