jQuery Data with AJAX

with Joe Chellman
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jQuery Data with AJAX
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AJAX is a JavaScript-based method to make changes to webpages and mobile apps without reloading. jQuery, in turn, makes working with AJAX easier than JavaScript alone. Get a quick introduction on how to use AJAX and jQuery in web projects in this course with Joe Chellman. Learn about AJAX and its simpler sibling, AHAH, and find out how to pull static HTML into an existing page with AHAH. Then learn how to fetch JSON-formatted data from a third-party service using AJAX, which adds a bit more power without a lot more work. Last, Joe offers you a challenge: Look up a user-entered zip code, and fill out the user's city and state automatically.

This course is a short companion piece to jQuery for Web Designers. See that course for information about building your core jQuery skill set.

Ajax jQuery


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Joe Chellman and welcome to jQuery Data with AJAX. This is a short companion piece to my course jQuery for Web Designers here on lynda.com. AJAX allows web designers and developers to make changes to pages and mobile apps without reloading. jQuery makes working with AJAX much easier than in Javascript alone. In this course, I'll show you some examples of ways to employ AJAX and AHAH in your web projects. First we'll look at, perhaps, the simplest way to use AJAX. To load static HTML fragments into an existing page using AHAH.

We'll talk about why you might do this and how to do it in jQuery using it's load method. Next, we'll look at how to implement a simple find my senators widget using data from a third party service. Requesting the data with AJAX, we can build this entirely in the browser using just HTML and Javascript. Finally, I'll use a similar technique to make a shopping cart form less redundant, more usable. The AJAX capabilities of jQuery are one of the central reasons it became so popular. After going through these examples, I hope you'll see the power that AJAX gives you and get excited to use it in your own work.

Let's get started with jQuery Data with AJAX.

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