jQuery Mobile Essential Training

with Joe Marini
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jQuery Mobile Essential Training
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Build great-looking mobile web applications without having to learn native code! Think iOS without Objective-C, Android without Java, Windows Phone without C#. Joe Marini introduces the jQuery Mobile framework, and provides a look at some companies (like OpenTable and Dodge) that are using it right now to build rich, interactive mobile webpages that approach the behavior of native apps. He reviews jQuery Mobile's page structure, controls, navigation, responsive layout, and theming. The course also covers the built-in library of widgets for building web content, list views, and web forms that are optimized for mobile screen sizes and that respond to gestures and changes in device orientation.

Topics include:
  • Building your first jQuery Mobile app
  • Understanding the page architecture
  • Using page transitions and dialog widgets
  • Working with forms and controls
  • Creating toolbars
  • Working with list views
  • Using jQuery Mobile's content formatting features
  • Adding events to detect and respond to changes
  • Configuring and customizing jQuery Mobile
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jQuery Mobile


- [Voiceover] Hi. I'm Joe Marini. I'd like to welcome you to jQuery Mobile Essential Training. In this course, we'll learn about the jQuery Mobile library. We'll start off by learning about what jQuery Mobile is and how it's built and organized, and we'll take a look at some of the websites that have been built using it. Then we'll jump right in and see how jQuery Mobile webpages are constructed and how the framework provides powerful enhancements, such as smooth page transitions and pop-up dialogs that look almost like native mobile apps. Next, we'll see how to use jQuery Mobile's built-in set of mobile optimized user interface widgets and CSS3 based theming architecture to build layout content, web forms and list views that are optimized for mobile screen sizes and form factors.

Then we'll take a look at how jQuery Mobile provides support for common mobile events, such as touch gestures and changes in device orientation just like native apps do. If you're ready to build mobile web applications without having to learn or write native app code, then let's get started with jQuery Mobile Essential Training.

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