Create a Rotating Carousel with jQuery

with Chris Converse
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Create a Rotating Carousel with jQuery
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In this course, author Chris Converse shows how to implement and customize an interactive rotating carousel animation with jQuery. The course covers preparing the carousel images and captions, creating the carousel containers with HTML and CSS, and activating the carousel with JavaScript. The course also explains how to add images to the carousel container, set the caption based on the image in focus, and add animated transitions between captions.

Topics include:
  • Exporting graphics from Adobe Photoshop
  • Creating the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • Positioning elements with CSS
  • Using the Roundabout plug-in
  • Controlling the carousel with custom buttons
  • Detecting the image in focus
  • Adding the final touches

Previewing the final project

(whoosh) - [Voiceover] Hi, this is Chris Converse and this is a course I'm creating an interactive rotating carousal for your website. I want to first start by showing the final project we're gonna be creating. Inside of the exercise files there's a folder called, Final Project. I want to open the index.html file up in a browser to show you the final project we'll be creating. Now, in this carousal we have a series of teapots, when I click on the individual items in the carousal they will rotate to the front. You'll also notice a caption underneath, what we'll do with the caption is fade the caption out, grow the stem under the leaves, and then fade the caption back in.

We also have these buttons on the right and left that will also rotate the carousal. Now, we're gonna be creating this project using jQuery, this is gonna give us the advantage of being able to code the project once and have it work on a series of devices and platforms. So, here we are over in IE9 running in Windows 7 and getting the exact same user experience. And you'll also be able to take your project over to individual devices, so in this case, let's load the same exact project running in an iPad, and again you get the same user experience running on a device as well.

So, to illustrate how we're gonna create the carousal I want to bring up a sketch. We're gonna be bringing in a series of images that we're gonna put into an HTML container, and then hide that through CSS. Then, we're gonna run a jQuery plugin called Roundabout, which is gonna take all of these images and place them into a div container that we create with CSS and HTML, and put these items into a carousal. Each one of the items will become clickable, so we can click on them and have them come to the front. And then we're gonna create some custom functions that will allow us to create our right and left buttons to rotate the carousal. And also create a caption area that will relate to the item in the carousal that's in the forefront.

So, I hope this course sounds interesting to you, and if so let's get started with the first movie.

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