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  • Patagonia
  • University of Illinois
  • NYPL
  • Adobe
  • Georgetown University

What Our Clients Say

The longtime employees, they need because they didn’t start out with computer skills. The new workers, they’ve never known life without computers. They know online training because a lot of them took college courses that way, so they’re very comfortable with it.
Anthony Garcia Patagonia

Anthony Garcia
Training Manager, Patagonia

Through our subscription, Direct Relief is able to provide staff with the opportunity to continuously improve upon the skills for which we hired them, and gain new knowledge to enhance their overall career.
Bhupi Singh Direct Relief

Bhupi Singh
Executive Vice President, Direct Relief

It frees me up from having to know everything I want my students to know. It allows them to have a resource that’s thoughtful, that’s insightful, and that’s careful, that they can turn to anytime—day or night—to help them learn new things or to solve the kinds of problems that leave them stuck on projects.
Mark Carl Rom Georgetown University

Mark Carl Rom
Associate Professor, Georgetown University

About Us

For 20 years, has helped students, leaders, IT and design pros, project managers—anyone in any role—build software, creative, and business skills. We work with the best instructors. Our production standards are second to none. And with training that is quick to market, we’ve grown our online video-based content library to include thousands of engaging courses. and Linkedin Logos

Now a part of LinkedIn, serves more than 10,000 organizations. With tutorials presented in five languages, is a global platform for success. works across multiple devices

Industries We Serve

Choose your industry. proudly serves academic institutions at all levels,
businesses and nonprofits of any size, and government agencies including public libraries.

Academic Industry

Support and inspire all faculty, staff, and students with top-notch instruction.

Business Industry

Energize and transform your team with the latest software, creative, and business skills.

Government industry

Close skill gaps, promote professional development, and support your mission.