Pages '09 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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Pages '09 Essential Training
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In Pages '09 Essential Training, David Rivers teaches many creative, time-saving features that will help both experienced and first-time users of Apple's word processing and page layout tool. David explains how to get started by customizing the user interface; then shows how to create unique, eye-catching documents using the text tools, templates, and styles in Pages '09. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Working with images, shapes, and text boxes
  • Setting up auto-correction preferences
  • Integrating Pages seamlessly with the iWork suite
  • Formatting and inserting tables into documents
  • Inserting equations with MathType 6
  • Importing charts from Numbers
  • Sharing documents with
  • Adding audio and video features to documents
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? upbeat piano and drums ? - My name is David Rivers. I've been a training consultant for over twenty years, working with applications that elevate productivity in the workplace. I'm excited to present Pages '09 Essential Training, and show you the ease and versatility of Apple's latest version of this program in iWork '09. We'll start the course with an overview of the basic layout tools, using Sections, Headers, Footers, Tables of Content, Numbering, and even Bibliographies with EndNote X2.

Then, we'll explore the functions that give a document its unique character. You'll see the menu of templates Apple includes with Pages '09, and how to customize them to give them the look you want. I'll show you how to insert and manipulate various objects in your document. You'll also see how Pages '09 integrates some of the other versatile programs in the iWork '09 Productivity Suite. We'll get into displaying tables and charts, and, of course, I'll show you several ways to get your documents out to the people who need to see them.

Let's get started with Pages '09 Essential Training.

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