Numbers '09 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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Numbers '09 Essential Training
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Numbers offers intuitive organization features, allowing users to focus more on analysis and presentation. In Numbers '09 Essential Training, David Rivers explores the important features of this spreadsheet application and introduces the new tools for formula development and charting. He walks through the new functionality of charts, tables, and templates, and shows how to make spreadsheets effective and eye-catching. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Exploring and customizing the user interface
  • Creating, importing, and laying out spreadsheets
  • Working with, modifying, and reusing tables
  • Using the Formula bar and Formula Editor
  • Formatting chart attributes in 2D and 3D
  • Inserting media files and manipulating objects in a spreadsheet
  • Sharing spreadsheets via print, email, and


(light piano music) - (Voiceover) Hi, I'm David Rivers, welcome to Numbers '09 Essential Training. In this course, I'll show you how to get started with Numbers, as well as teach you the new functions in this upgrade of the application. I'll show you how to use and create tables to organize and calculate data. How to work with the various templates Numbers provides and how to customize them to your specific needs. We'll explore working with objects, inserting and manipulating text boxes, images, shapes and media.

You'll see how the function browser can help you create formulas and I'll show you how to share your documents in print as PDF exports, as Excel files, using email delivery and sharing with My goal in this course is to show you how you can effortlessly create a variety of stunning spreadsheets using powerful time saving features. I've been a training consultant for over 20 years and have taught thousands of users around the world to use applications that help their lives and businesses run smoothly.

Now, I'm happy to get you started with Numbers '09 Essential Training.

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