Keynote '09 Essential Training

with Craig Syverson
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Keynote '09 Essential Training
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Keynote is Apple's iWork application for creating effective and impressive presentations. In Keynote '09 Essential Training, presentation designer Craig Syverson teaches new and experienced Keynote users how to apply this program to its full potential. Craig demonstrates the entire creative process, from building basic slides with text and images and using the new built-in themes, to distributing the final product. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Exploring the user interface and the media browser
  • Inserting graphics, photos, and animated effects for eye-catching results
  • Using the Presenter Display to help in the final presentation
  • Adding audio with the Narration function
  • Applying 2D and 3D transitions, including the new Magic Move
  • Linking charts with Numbers '09
  • Using the Keynote Remote iPhone application to present a slideshow
  • Collaborating on
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I'm Craig Syverson and I call myself a design and communications journalist because I really get charged up about how visuals and narratives work together. So I'm really excited about presenting this course, Keynote '09 Essential Training. Keynote is a part of Apple's iWork suite of productivity tools and this title is for anyone who wants to build a compelling presentation using, in my opinion, the best design and most innovative presentation tool on the market. Whether you are familiar with Keynote already or just starting out, I think you will be surprised with the ease, elegance, and effectiveness of the new version of this communications tool.

In this series of tutorials, you will get an understanding of all the basic elements that make up a slide and how to use them to your advantage. I'll show you how to create a presentation quickly using the built-in themes designed by Apple, how to use the new slide transitions, and how to use master slides to effectively create a consistent look and feel throughout your presentation. And finally, I'll show you how to use the tools in Keynote '09 to present your slideshow, along with the many ways to distribute your finished product. Now, let's get your ideas out of your head and on to the screen with Keynote '09 Essential Training.

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