Keynote '08 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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Keynote '08 Essential Training
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Training specialist David Rivers teaches viewers how to use Keynote '08 to its full potential, from customizing the interface to editing and sharing professional presentations. He covers how to format text with columns and lists, add links, and insert graphics, photos, and animated effects. David concludes with how to export Keynote files to various formats, including Flash, HTML, MP3, PDF, and hardcopy. Exercise files accompany the tutorials.

Topics include:
  • Customizing the Keynote interface Creating and editing slides and presentations Working with text Inserting shapes and photos Working with tables and charts Creating transitions and object builds Sharing presentations Creating custom themes


Hi! I'm David Rivers and welcome to Keynote '08 Essential Training. In this series of training videos, we are going to get you up to speed and working quickly with this latest version of Apple's presentation program that by the way contains many new features. Keynote '08 along with Pages, Apple's word processing program, and Numbers, a spreadsheet application, makes up the iWork '08 software suite. Now if you are just starting out with Keynote and presentation software in general or even if you're a long-time Microsoft PowerPoint user, you're probably going to find that Keynote has some very powerful features to offer and that it's definitely a viable alternative to using PowerPoint.

In the following movies we are going to cover topics like working with Keynote's themes including some new ones in '08 here. Adding text and images while exploring some new effects, adding shapes, using tables and charts. How about inserting multimedia and how to create cool transitions and other object builds? There is a new feature that allows us to do voice-over recordings. We are going to cover the many ways of presenting and sharing your presentation with others. So let's jump right in and get started checking out Keynotes themes and the interface.

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