Pages 5 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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Pages 5 Essential Training
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Whether you're writing a technical report or creating a flyer, turn to Pages, Apple's powerful word processing and page layout application. Join David Rivers as he tours the user interface, shows how to set up documents, and covers the basics of adding and editing text. Get an introduction to the Template Chooser, which houses 60 templates for resumes, reports, envelopes, and other common projects. Discover how to transform the look and feel of your work and achieve consistent formatting with easy-to-use style and layout tools. If you want to add visual interest, check out tutorials on incorporating images, shapes, charts, and tables, and even take things up a notch with audio and video. When you've finished your document, see how to export it, share it, and collaborate with others, using iCloud.

Topics include:
  • Opening, editing, and saving documents
  • The basics of document setup
  • Customizing the user interface
  • Using auto-correction preferences, spell check, and Find and Replace
  • Laying out a document with headers, footers, page numbers, and more
  • Modifying templates
  • Adding objects
  • Formatting tables and using table calculations
  • Exploring chart types and importing charts
  • Printing documents
  • Exporting to PDF, Word, and plain text
  • Commenting on documents and tracking changes
  • Sharing documents with others


- [Voiceover] Hi, and welcome to pages essential training. I'm David Rivers. Pages is a powerful word processing application that gives you all the tools you need to create stunning documents. In this course, I'll take you through the creation process. Beginning with a quick tour of the enhanced template chooser, and the user interface. Then it's onto some document basics, before we really start working with different kinds of document text and tools to ensure your document displays the right content. And making your documents look good is also an important part of creating professional quality documents.

So, we'll work with styles and other layout essentials, such as headers and footers, columns, tables of contents, and much much more. Then we move onto working with objects like images and shapes, even audio and video. After spending some time with tables and charts, we explore the various ways to share your documents with the world, including exporting to PDF and word formats. And, of course working in the cloud. With all of this and more to cover, let's get started with pages essential training.

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