Keynote 6 Essential Training

with David Rivers
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Keynote 6 Essential Training
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At some point in our lives, we all have to make a presentation. Keynote is a popular choice. Though it's streamlined and easy to use (like a lot of Apple products), we could all use a hand building our first Keynote slideshow. In this course, David Rivers teaches how to use Keynote to its full potential, and create presentations that both entertain and inform. Learn how to choose slide layouts; add text, images, audio and video, animation, and eye-catching effects; use transitions to ease the moves between slides; and get set up to deliver a smooth presentation. Plus, learn how to share your presentation as a movie, a PDF, a printout, or even on iCloud.

Note: This training applies to Keynote 2014, which comes with OS X Mavericks. You may not be able to open the exercise files for this course in earlier versions of Keynote.

Topics include:
  • Working with themes
  • Editing master slides
  • Adding text, shapes, and links
  • Building tables and interactive charts
  • Inserting audio and video in your slides
  • Applying transitions
  • Playing a slideshow
  • Recording narration
  • Sharing and exporting presentations


- [Voiceover] Hi and welcome to keynote essential training. I'm David Rivers. Keynote 6.1 is part of Apple's iWork suite of productivity tools. And this course is for anyone wanting to build captivating presentations. We'll begin with a quick tour of the user interface. And explore some of the many built-in themes to help you get up and running quickly with a new presentation. We'll delve into slides structure and basic layout task. Before we begin working with various types of text, tables and charts. And other graphics and media you can incorporate into a slide presentation to really make it stand out.

And if that's not enough, there are all kinds of special effects, to help take your presentations to the next level. Like slide transitions and animations. Of course, creating a presentation is only half the story. You'll want to know how to effectively deliver your presentations and share them with others. That's all coming up too. So, with so much to cover, let's get started with keynote essential training.

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