iWork '09 New Features

with Garrick Chow
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iWork '09 New Features
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In iWork '09 New Features, instructor Garrick Chow focuses on the improvements to the new versions of Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. These three applications form the perfect partnership for developing and publishing dynamic documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. New global features include a host of new templates and themes for eye–catching documents, plus new password protections for files. Garrick demonstrates the improved thumbnail navigation in Pages, mixed charts types in Numbers, and the enhanced motion guides and new text transitions in Keynote. Best of all, he explores iWork.com, the online collaboration space from Apple. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Using the new Outline mode in Pages
  • Exploring the new chart types
  • Organizing and categorizing data in Numbers
  • Exporting projects to various formats
  • Using the new object positioning and motion guides in Keynote
  • Displaying multiple data sets in a single chart
  • Animating charts in Keynote


- [Voiceover] I'm Garrick Chow, and welcome to iWork '09 new features. We'll start with a look at what's new across all three iWork '09 applications, like password protection for your files, great new templates and themes, and new 3D charts. In Pages '09, I'll show you how Apple really improved Pages with more flexible navigation, word processing upgrades, and how you can share your Pages documents with other applications, like Microsoft Word. In Numbers '09, we'll take a look at the new function browser, new ways of organizing your data, and how you can customize Numbers to your specific needs. Keynote '09 also has more that its share of upgrades.

You'll see that when we go over how easily you can now position and size objects on your slides. I'll also be showing you how to give your presentation a dynamic look with new transitions, and you'll get to see the new options iWork provides to share and export your projects to different formats and applications. Lastly, we'll take a tour of iWork.com, Apple's new web-based service for collaborating with others on your iWork documents. You might be surprised to find out exactly how many new features have been packed into iWork '09, so let's get started with iWork '09 new features.

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