Opening iTunes for the first time

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Opening iTunes for the first time

Let's begin by opening iTunes for the first time. On a Mac, you'll most likely have your iTunes icon in your dock. So you can just click that or if you don't see it in your dock, you'll also find iTunes in your Applications folder. If you're using Windows, you can also open iTunes from a couple of places depending on how you chose to install it. You may have a shortcut to iTunes on your Desktop or you can go to your Start menu, to All Programs, and then find and open the iTunes folder, and open iTunes from there. So here on my Mac, I'll just click the iTunes icon in my dock.

Now the very first time you run iTunes, you may see the iTunes Software License Agreement, which you're supposed to read through and then agree to if you want to run iTunes, and then you'll see the iTunes Setup Assistant, which walks you through the process of getting iTunes set up on your computer using a series of questions. All you have to do here is just navigate through these different screens. The first one here is about Internet Audio, asking me if I would like to use iTunes to handle the audio content from the Internet. Essentially, what this means is if I come across iTunes compatible music while online, I can decide whether I want to use iTunes as the default application to play that content.

I'll just keep Yes selected and click Next. iTunes is also going to offer to find any music files that are already on your computer and copy them into your iTunes Music folder. Here on my Mac, it's going to look for MP3 and AAC files. If you're on Windows, it will also ask you if you want to locate WMA or other Windows type audio files as well. Now if you choose Yes, it will actually search through your entire hard drive and find files to copy into your iTunes Library. My personal preference is to choose No. I'll add them myself later, because my personal computer has tons of audio files that aren't music files and I don't want or need them to be managed in iTunes.

But you can decide for yourself what to do here. If you do choose Yes, and you have a large hard drive, be prepared to wait a little as iTunes searches for all of your audio files. So I'm going to keep No selected and click Next. Now we have the Download Album Artwork screen which just tells you a little bit about how you can download album artwork to go along with your music files. Basically, this lets you see the artwork for the album from which your music came which is a nice touch. We'll talk more about how to get and add album artwork in a later movie. So you'll only have to go through these screens the first time you run iTunes. Now if you recently upgraded iTunes to a newer version, you might have to re-agree to a licensing agreement or read about new features or things like that, but you should be able to make your way through these things without any problems.

Now I click Done. Next, you may see this welcome screen, which gives you access to some short video tutorials to help you get started. You'll only see this the first time you run iTunes, but if you accidentally close it and want to go back to it to watching the videos, you can do so by going to the Help menu and choosing iTunes Tutorials, which, as you can see, brings that window back, but I don't really need this right now so I'm going to close it again. So now we're looking at the main iTunes window. Currently, my iTunes Library is completely empty because this is a new installation of iTunes and I haven't imported any music, video or other files yet, but as you can see iTunes suggests these ways to get you started by either visiting the iTunes Store to purchase music, or to import music from your CD collection.

There is even access here to some of those video tutorials to learn how to do some of these things. But in any case, we'll be talking about the iTunes Store and how to import music a little bit later, but first I want to take a look at and familiarize ourselves with the interface elements in the iTunes window.

Opening iTunes for the first time
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Opening iTunes for the first time provides you with in-depth training on Audio + Music. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iTunes 10 Essential Training

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