Mastering for iTunes

with Bobby Owsinski
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Mastering for iTunes
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In this free bonus course, author and recording engineer Bobby Owsinski explains best practices for mastering music and audio destined for sale on Apple iTunes with their new Mastered for iTunes high-resolution audio program. Bobby demonstrates how to use all of the Mastered for iTunes and iTunes Plus tools used in this process, such as AURoundTripAAC, which allows you to instantly compare the quality of the iTunes Plus AAC file format to your source file. He wraps up with an explanation of the Test Pressing feature, which allows you to preview and approve the encoded file before it's published on the iTunes Store.

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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Bobby Owsinski and I'd like to welcome you to Mastering for iTunes. The iTunes store is the largest online music distributor in the world. So how your songs are presented there is important to any artist. In this course, we'll cover everything about getting your files ready for iTunes, including a look at the ACC file format, some encoding tips and tricks, as well as the latest high resolution Mastered for iTunes program. We'll also look at how to use Apple's very own iTunes Mastering tools to make sure that your songs sound better than ever when posted for sale on the iTunes store.

So let's get started as we dig deep into the world of Mastering for iTunes.

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