iTunes 7 New Features

with Garrick Chow
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iTunes 7 New Features
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With the release of iTunes 7, Apple has again improved and enhanced its revolutionary music player. Users can quickly get up to speed with the new version by following along with instructor Garrick Chow in iTunes 7 New Features. Garrick explains each of the new features and capabilities, including new and revamped interface elements, gapless playback, built-in backup, and multiple-library support. The training also covers the new iPod management system, how to transfer purchased music from an iPod to iTunes, and how to purchase, download, and play movies and iPod games from the iTunes Store.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the new interface
  • Using the enhanced search feature
  • Understanding built-in backup
  • Using gapless playback
  • Working with multiple-library support
  • Using the new iPod management functions
  • Using the new iTunes Store features
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