Creating Smart Albums

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Creating Smart Albums

For me, usually with every application there are one or two things that I just go wow, I really like that, and for iPhoto, Smart Albums is one of those things and I want to show you how they work right now. Now you have to go up to the top menu to get to them, go to File and you go to New and then you'll see it right here in this fly-out menu, Smart Album, and just select it. Now when you do that you get this sort of dull looking dialog box here but there is a lot of power packed here in this dullness, and let's just say that we want to find all of our shots from Germany.

We geotagged some Cologne, some Munich, and if you don't know what I'm talking about with the geotagging, make sure you go back and look at that movie because it's another great feature in iPhoto. So we'll just call this Germany for our first Smart Album and we'll say Place. And you'll notice I have all of these conditions here. Very powerful, because you get to combine these conditions with the other conditions to do all sorts of interesting things. We'll start out with Place and you have contains and does not and all that.

Contains Germany, and then I'm just going to click OK and just like that all of my shots that have been geotagged with Germany show up in this Smart Album. And it doesn't make any difference if they're from Munich or Cologne. They are all Germany. So right away you can start thinking of some handy uses for this technology but what if you wanted to find stuff that hadn't been geotagged yet? That to me is more useful and I'll show you how that works.

We will go back to our Smart Album and I am just going to right-click on-- I could create a new smart album but I'm just going to modify this one. So I am going to right-click or Ctrl+ Click on it, Edit, we are going to call this Not Tagged, and I'm going to go to Photo, is not, Tagged with GPS, which is geotagged, and then click OK. Now this is useful to me because now I have an album with all the stuff that hasn't been geotagged yet and I can fill out my Places map just by adding tags to these images.

You have to admit that's fairly useful. I'll show you one more and then I'm going to let you play with it on your own. So we'll come back here. I am going to right-click again, Edit Smart Album, and I just want to show you some of the other conditions that are here. You can search by camera model. Let's say that you shoot with a Canon and your wife shoots with a Nikon then you can easily sort all of her photos and your photos into separate Smart Albums.

And Flash, ISO, Shutter Speed, not to mention all the usual metadata such as ratings and keywords and so forth. So there is a lot of power here and you can play with these things as much as you want and you can always change up the criteria, and then once you've brought these images together for whatever you're looking for, just know that they will update as the conditions change. So as you geotag images, they will fall out of this album. So Smart Albums it's just great fun, especially for people like me who love playing with this sorting technology.

Give it a try, experiment with it, and hopefully you'll like it too.

Creating Smart Albums
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Creating Smart Albums provides you with in-depth training on Photography. Taught by Derrick Story as part of the iPhoto '11 Essential Training

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