Creating Photo Books with iPhoto

with Richard Harrington
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Creating Photo Books with iPhoto
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Discover how to use Apple iPhoto to create photo books—for gifts or to showcase your photography. In this course, author Rich Harrington describes how to organize your images, choose a theme for your book, and customize the layout of each page. The course also shows how to insert captions, enhance photos with one-click effects, and add special features, such as maps. The course concludes with details on ordering books and creating PDF versions to distribute electronically.

This course was created and produced by Rich Harrington. is honored to host this content in our library.

Topics include:
  • Organizing images in albums
  • Choosing a size and theme for your book
  • Adding background photos
  • Adding more pages
  • Changing the page order
  • Formatting the cover
  • Cropping, straightening, and enhancing images
  • Using maps in the layout
  • Watching a slideshow of the book
  • Ordering from the printer
  • Creating a PDF of your book


(music playing) Hi! My name is Rich Harrington and I'd like to welcome you as we're about to explore the world of creating books with Apple iPhoto. This is a feature that I absolutely love and for years I've been using iPhoto and Aperture books to create content to give away to clients as well as to capture family memories. In fact, every year we make books for our kids using the best pictures from the year, the trips they have taken, the family they have seen, and we bundle it up into a year's worth of memories.

Today, I'm going to share some personal photos with you from a recent trip that we took as a family and I'm going to build a book. It captures both personal moments and the fact that there is some great pictures from this trip. It's something that I want to share with others. And that's what books are all about with Apple iPhoto, the chance to create professional looking, easy-to-make books that you can easily share and even ship to friends, family, or clients. So we have a lot to explore. Let's jump in.

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