iPad Tips and Tricks (2010)

with Christopher Breen
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iPad Tips and Tricks (2010)
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In iPad Tips and Tricks, author Christopher Breen provides expert tips for getting the most out of the Apple iPad (first generation) and iPad 2, including gesturing, typing, and adding content, as well as troubleshooting common device issues. The course explains how to download and manage apps, configure email accounts, create presentations, and set up videoconferences. The course also demonstrates both built-in and third-party solutions for opening and editing files, streaming video and audio wirelessly, and troubleshooting common device issues.

Topics include:
  • Working with the iPad touchscreen
  • Printing with an iPad
  • Syncing data with iCloud
  • Using iTunes Match to update media on multiple devices
  • Dealing with spam
  • Sending Twitter updates from multiple apps
  • Connecting an iPad to an external display
  • Controlling a computer remotely with an iPad
  • Keeping to-do lists synchronized
  • Taking pictures and movies
  • Preparing audio and video files for the iPad
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Chris Breen and I'm here to introduce you to iPad Tips and Tricks. In this course, I'll offer set up and productivity tips to make working with your iPad easier and more efficient. For example, if your iPad's inbox is choked with junk mail, also known as spam, I'll show you a technique for weeding out that spam before it even gets to your iPad. We'll explore ways to sync calendars and contacts with popular web services such as Google and MobileMe. I'll show you ways for opening a variety of file types and managing files in third-party, iPad applications.

And if your iPad is misbehaving, we'll look at ways to troubleshoot and repair it. Although this course isn't a complete survey of the iPad, You need very little experience with it to follow along. Those of you who've spent quality time with iOS devices such as the iPhone and iPod touch, will find helpful tips and techniques as well. Now, let's get started with iPad Tips and Tricks.

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