iPad Classroom: Apps for Educators

with Aaron Quigley
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iPad Classroom: Apps for Educators
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iPads are becoming a common sight in the classroom, in the hands of both teachers and students, and the number of educational apps is growing everyday. Learn how to get the most from the iPad as a classroom teaching tool in this course with author and educator Aaron Quigley—and enhance student achievement, save time, and be more productive. Aaron shares his favorite apps for students of all levels, from categories like science, math, English, and others designed specifically to help teachers. Use this course to decide if these apps are right for you before you purchase them for the classroom.

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- [Voiceover] Hello, I'm Aaron Quigley, and welcome to iPad Classroom: Apps for Educators. iPads are quickly becoming a common classroom device for both teachers and students, and the number of educational apps is growing daily. This course is designed to help you navigate the endless list of educational apps by reviewing a few of my favorites and the most praised apps that are being used in classrooms across the nation. For each chapter, I've selected only five applications to present, and I often had a hard time narrowing the list. The applications I chose were based on what will help push student achievement, save time for educators and the overall cost.

Many of the applications we will review are free. Some offer in-app purchases, and others cost money. This course is designed to help you understand whether or not an application is right for you, before you spend money on it just to test it out in your own classroom. Please also check out my closing video where I've organized all the apps in this course to the Bloom's Taxonomy of higher-order thinking, so you can quickly see what apps are appropriate for your students. I hope you enjoy exploring these iPad applications with me, and find a new tool to help your students succeed, or to save you time.

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