Taking advantage of Siri

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Taking advantage of Siri

With iOS 6, Apple brings its intelligent assistant Siri to the iPad 3, iPad 4, and iPad Mini. In this video, we'll take a look at how you can interact with Siri on your iPad. Now I'm working on an iPad Mini. In a few seconds, I'll press and hold on the Home button and after a short while, Siri appears with its characteristic beeping sound. Let's see how this works. "How do I get from Chicago to Fort Dodge, Iowa?" Female Speaker: Getting directions from Chicago to Fort Dodge.

With that, Siri launches the Maps App and gives me directions. Now once I get to Fort Dodge, I may want something to eat. "Where can I find food in Fort Dodge, Iowa?" Female Speaker: I found 15 places in Fort Dodge, Iowa. The nearest is Buford's Steak House BBQ. It's about 1511.5 miles south. Would you like to get directions or skip to the next one? Now as it turns out, it's not actually over a thousand miles from Fort Dodge to the steak house, but rather that's the distance from my current location to this restaurant.

Now while I'm here, I can tap on the Yelp rating and when I do, I can see some information from Yelp about this restaurant. For now, I'll tap on Done. Now before travelling to Fort Dodge, I may want to find out how cold it is, so I tap on the Siri button. "What's the forecast for Fort Dodge, Iowa?" Female Speaker: Some bad weather coming up for Fort Dodge, IA through Wednesday, down to 9 degrees. Hmm. I think maybe I'm going to delay my trip.

That sounds a little chilly to me. You can also look up information about contacts with Siri. For example, "what's Christian Fletcher's work address?" Female Speaker: Here's the work address for Christian Fletcher. Speaking of contacts, I can create events around contacts. "Schedule lunch with Christian Fletcher next Monday." Female Speaker: What time is your event? Christopher Breen: Noon.

Female Speaker: Okay. Here's your meeting. Note that you already have an event at 12 p.m. Shall I schedule it anyway? "No. Change the time to 1 p.m." Female Speaker: Okay. I'll make that change to your event. Are you ready for me to schedule it? Christopher Breen: Yes. Female Speaker: Your event with Christian Fletcher is scheduled for 1 p.m. January 21, 2013. The event is titled "Lunch." So Siri is smart enough to know that I have a conflict at that time and offers to help me change it, which we just did.

Now if I'd like to see the details of that, I can simply tap on the lunch entry and the calendar's event opens and it shows me my event. I can also use Siri to launch apps. "Launch clock." Female Speaker: Which app would you like to use, Clock or Clock Pro? "Clock Pro." Siri knows that I have two apps that begin with the word "Clock" and so it asked me which one I'd like to use.

In this case, I chose Clock Pro and Siri launched it. Siri is also smart about sports. As in, "What's the score of 49ers game? Female Speaker: The 49ers overcame the Cardinals by a score of 27 to 13 on December 30, 2012. I can also get some statistics. "What's Buster Posey's batting average?" Female Speaker: The season hasn't started yet, but Buster Posey had a batting average of .336 last season.

Siri can also help to entertain me. "Show me movies in Santa Barbara, California." Female Speaker: Okay. I found some movies playing in Santa Barbara today. If I want more information about a particular movie I just tap on it, and there's the information. Siri can also play music. "Play Christopher Breen." Female Speaker: Okay. Christopher Breen coming up.

(music playing) That's perfectly lovely! But let's stop that playback for now. If I need to make a bar bet, "What's the distance to Saturn?" Female Speaker: Checking my sources. I found this.

Indeed that's more information than I need. However, Siri is not perfect. "What's the temperature of the sun?" Female Speaker: The high for Sunday will be 52 degrees, and the low will be 32 degrees. Now I have to think that that must be a local forecast and not the actual temperature of the sun. At least I hope not. Siri is important enough to Apple that we're sure to see it get smarter and offer more capabilities over the coming months and years. "Goodbye Siri!" Female Speaker: Nice talking with you.

Taking advantage of Siri
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Taking advantage of Siri provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Christopher Breen as part of the iPad Tips and Tricks (2010)

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