Setting Up Your Mobile Office to Work from Anywhere

with Jess Stratton
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Setting Up Your Mobile Office to Work from Anywhere
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Workers today are not just confined to a cube or an office—they can work anywhere and anytime. All you need are the right productivity tools and an Internet connection. In this course, Jess Stratton shows you how to set up your own mobile office. Decide what devices are right for you, and then learn how to get connected with mobile hotspots and public Wi-Fi. Jess gives you advice on how to separate your personal life from work—using multiple calendars, Apple IDs, email addresses, and signature files. Plus, learn to manage your task list and files and get the most out of traveling with your devices, from TripIt for planning your trips to other apps for keeping on schedule. The course also includes a section on securing your accounts and devices, so you can make sure they are safe wherever you are working.

Topics include:
  • Researching purchases for your mobile office
  • Getting connected to the Internet on the go
  • Using separate calendars and email for personal use and business
  • Setting up productivity tools like iCloud and Google Voice
  • Saving email attachments to the cloud
  • Managing your task list with Wunderlist
  • Keeping in touch on the road
  • Using TripIt to manage your trips
  • Organizing apps on your phone or tablet
  • Syncing devices
  • Connecting to a desktop computer
  • Securing accounts and devices
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(chimes) - [Voiceover] Welcome to setting up your mobile office. I'm Jess Stratton and I'll be taking you through, start to finish, setting up a multidevice environment. I'll start by giving you some pointers as to what devices you'll actually need, and how to research and buy them. I'll show you how to keep your task list under control, as well as take full advantage of Siri. I'll show you how to update your blog on the road, as well as keeping communication with your clients through instant messaging.

I'll even show you how to be a smart traveler. Showing you why it's important to scan all your travel documents. And how to check your next flight status before you even get off the plane. I'll show you how to remotely connect to another computer from your tablet, giving you three different apps to choose from, and I'll explain how to completely secure your device and your data, and then how you can find it, should it get lost. I've got a lot to cover, so let's get started.

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