iPad Classroom: Creating a Research Project

with Laurie Burruss
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iPad Classroom: Creating a Research Project
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In this follow-up to Setting Up the Classroom, Laurie Burruss shows how to create a classroom research project with the iPad. Learn how to lead your students through the process of conducting and sharing their research, with the assistance of the Nearpod app for creating interactive presentations. These lessons highlight the possibilities for the iPad as a tool to collaborate, remediate, problem-solve, assess, and communicate with your class. The iPad multisensory features, the on-board apps, and the ever-growing variety of apps available in iTunes provide a great platform for teachers to discover new ways to engage students.

Topics include:
  • Designing an activity
  • Using the Nearpod app
  • Selecting apps that support your teaching style
  • Researching a topic and sharing the results
  • Presenting academic research
  • Assessing the success of iPad projects
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- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Laurie Burruss, and welcome to Creating a Classroom Research Project, part of the Teaching with the iPad series, here, on Lynda.com. In order to integrate technology into your curriculum, you need to keep the tools in mind from the beginning. Once you've set up your iPad classroom, as we talked about in the Setting up the Classroom course, take some time to evaluate and create the curriculum for your learning objectives. This course covers identifying subject matter, evaluating activities, and assessing the outcomes.

It focuses on small group interaction and individual performance.

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