iOS App Development Essential Training

with Simon Allardice
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iOS App Development Essential Training
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Learn how to build native applications for the iPhone and iPad using the iOS 7 SDK. Simon Allardice shows you how to work with Xcode 5, the most popular framework for developing, debugging, and deploying applications to Apple devices, and Objective-C, the language you'll use to actually program your app. Apart from the tools and language, you'll explore design patterns, coding conventions and guidelines, and essential concepts like Model-View-Controller, storyboards, and delegation. Plus, learn what's possible within the new iOS 7 interface, and get a checklist for successfully submitting your app to the App Store.

Topics include:
  • Using Xcode and the iOS Simulator
  • Learning Objective-C basics and structure
  • Creating objects, variables, properties, and custom classes
  • Connecting UI elements to code
  • Using delegation
  • Using the Xcode debugger
  • Creating and customizing table views
  • Exploring storyboards
  • Introducing blocks
  • Saving and loading data
  • Understanding the differences in iPad development
  • Creating iPad apps with popovers and split views
  • Adding application icons and launch images
iOS Xcode


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Simon Allardice and this is iOS App Development Essential Training. This course covers building native applications for the iPhone or the iPad using the iOS 7 SDK. In this course, we'll work with Xcode 5, the main application to create, test, debug, and manage your iOS apps. And we'll spend a lot of time in Objective-C, the programming language we'll use to create these applications. But apart from the tools and the language, we'll explore the design patterns, the conventions and guidelines of programming iOS apps, essential concepts like Model-View-Controller, how to connect user interface elements to code with target action, and using delegation.

We'll see what these all mean and how they help. And we'll go over the process of developing an application, see what can and should be done in an iOS 7 user interface, explore working with different devices, talk about testing and debugging on iOS, and what needs to be done to submit to the App Store. So let's get started.

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