iOS 6 SDK New Features

with Simon Allardice
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iOS 6 SDK New Features
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Bring your existing iOS development skills—and your own applications—up to speed with the new options in iOS 6 SDK. Author Simon Allardice covers not only the new features (including collection views and APIs for Facebook, Passbook, Maps, and Reminders), but also changes in hardware and the current best practices in iOS development.

Topics include:
  • Understanding the impact of changes to Xcode and Objective-C
  • Adding and configuring the new UICollectionView
  • Dynamically changing the size of collection view cells
  • Using Auto Layout to arrange an iOS user interface
  • Creating a custom pass with the Passbook API
  • Posting to Facebook with the Social framework
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(exciting music) - [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Simon Allardice and this is iOS 6 SDK New Features. If you've been developing for iOS devices, but working with the features in iOS 5 and before, this course will quickly bring you up to speed on what is available in iOS 6 and how to use it. We'll see the changes to user interface controls in this version of iOS, particularly collection views and what they offer. We'll also explore the changes and improvements in Xcode, things like using Auto-Layout for your user interfaces and the current best practices when creating classes and properties in Obective-C.

You'll see how to create apps that use Apple's new Maps features or how to use Passbook in your own applications for managing passes, tickets, or coupons, see what the social framework offers for Facebook integration. So, let's get started with our look at the new features of the iOS 6 Software Development Kit.

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