Using the included earbud controls

show more Using the included earbud controls provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iOS 7: iPhone and iPad Essential Training show less
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Using the included earbud controls

If you use the ear bud headset that came with your device, you can control your music playback using the built-in remote attached to the right ear buds cable. With your headset plugged into your device, you still need to browse to your music library and pick the song or playlist you want to play. I'll just pause that for a moment. All of your phone's audio will go through your headphones, when they're plugged in. If you unplug your headphones, the music will automatically pause. This prevents your music from blaring out of your phone if you accidentally yank the headphones out. If that happens, just plug them back in, and start the music again.

There are only a handful of click actions for controlling your music playback with the earbuds. But they're very convenient to know if your iPhone or iPod is tucked in your pocket. And you want to pick a different song, or pause or rewind without having to pull your device out. Now I'm only going to cover the music and video playback related earbud controls. If you want to learn about the controls for use during phone calls, go back to the chapter on the phone part of the iPhone for that information. First, you can play and pause the currently selected song by clicking and releasing the center button once. You can skip to the next song on the album or playlist by double clicking the button.

You can see it jumped to the next song but I still have to click the center button once to play it. To go back, click the center button three times. Now, basically, if only two or three seconds of the current song have passed, triple clicking the center button will take you to the previous track. But if more than three seconds have passed, triple clicking will start the current song over. You can see I'm currently seven seconds into the song, so triple clicking will take me back to the beginning of the song. To fast forward playback, press the center button twice, but hold it down on the second click until you fast forward to the part you want to listen to. To rewind the song, triple click the button and hold down on the third click, until you get back to the part of the song you want to listen to. And then you can just play from there. Basically, just remember that forward actions are double clicks and backward actions are triple clicks. Other than that, the only other controls available in terms of your music playback, are the volume controls on the iPhone's ear buds. Just use them to turn the volume up or down. And the earbud controls are essentially the same for playing back video as well.

You click once to play and pause, double click to jump forward to the next video in the playlist. Triple click to go back to the beginning of the video. And double click and hold to fast forward. And triple click and hold to rewind. Now that's the extent of what you can control by clicking the buttons on your ear buds. But because the ear buds that come up with the iPhone also have a built-in microphone, you can also control your device with your voice. And we'll look at how to do that in an upcoming chapter.

Using the included earbud controls
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Using the included earbud controls provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iOS 7: iPhone and iPad Essential Training

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