Using Twitter and Facebook

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Using Twitter and Facebook

If you're a Facebook or Twitter user you'll be happy to know that Apple has integrated both services directly into iOS 6 making it easy to Tweet or post status updates directly from built-in apps like Safari, Photos, the Camera, and Maps. Let's start by setting up Twitter. To use this feature go to Settings and Twitter. If you don't have a Twitter account, you can create one quickly here by tapping Create New Account. But if you do have an existing account, enter your username and password here. Then tap Sign In.

If you haven't yet installed the Twitter app, you'll be asked if you want to install it now. Just tap Install if you want to use the official Twitter app or tap Later if you want to use a third-party app you can download from the App Store. You'll want to have at least one Twitter app if you want to Tweet outside of the apps on your device that Twitter is integrated into, but I'll just tap Later for now. We'll get into installing apps in a later chapter, but just know that you can install Twitter directly from here at any time by tapping this Install button. If you have more than one account, maybe you have a personal Twitter account as well as well as one for business, you can tap Add Account.

I'll just stick with this one account for now. If you tap the Update Contacts button, your device will scan the contacts stored on your phone and examine the email addresses stored there. If it finds any addresses associated with Twitter accounts, those people's usernames and photos will be automatically downloaded and added to their contact files on your device. This makes it easy to mention your friends and reply to them in your own Tweets. So once you've entered your Twitter information here you're all set to Tweet from the various built-in apps on your device. For example, I'll go to my photo library and select a photo.

I'd like to Tweet this photo to my followers. I just tap the Share button down here in the lower left-hand corner and one of the buttons here is Twitter. Tapping that opens a new Tweet window where I can type out my message. If you want, you can tap Add Location to include information about where you're Tweeting from and when you're ready to post your Tweet, just click Send. That's all there is to it. Let's take a look at Facebook now. I'll go back to Settings and select Facebook. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can tap Create New Account and walk through the steps to create one.

But if you already do have an account, you can enter your username and password here. Then tap Sign In. Before you sign in, you're given this detailed page letting you know exactly what's signing into Facebook from your iPhone will do. Doing so will download your Facebook contacts onto your phone and keep their information up-to-date. It will also download your Facebook events to the Calendar app so you can start seeing things like your Facebook friends birthdays up here in the Calendar. Signing into Facebook will also allow you to post status updates, photos, and other content like links to websites that you want to share directly from apps on your phone.

Now you can change some of these things later like you can hide Facebook events from the Calendar app so you don't have to see them, but basically the point is that signing into Facebook here gives you the ability to post and share from within your iPhone apps. So let's tap Sign In. As with Twitter I'm now given the opportunity to install the Facebook app if I want to do so. I'll just pass on that for now, and that's it. Notice that these sliders have appeared. So if I want to block Facebook content from appearing in the Calendar or the Contacts app, I can just turn that off here. So for example, if I didn't want all my Facebook friends' birthdays to start showing up in my Calendar, I can just turn it off.

But now if I have an app open like Safari and maybe this is a blog post that I would like to share with my Facebook friends, I can just tap the Share button and then tap Facebook. I can write a little something about what I'm posting. As with Twitter, I can tap Add Location to include information about where I'm posting from and you can even choose which of your friends can see your posts. If you've created a friend list in Facebook, you'll see those lists here on your phone automatically. To find out more about setting up friend lists, check out our Facebook courses on the online training library.

When I'm ready I tap Post and that post gets added to my Facebook account. That's how to work with Twitter and Facebook directly on your phone. Also remember, as I've mentioned previously, you can quickly make direct Tweets and Facebook posts by dragging down from the top of the screen to open the Notification Center. In certain apps you'll need to drag down once to reveal the tab, which you can then drag down to reveal Notification Center. And here, tap Tweet or Post to Facebook. So if you're already a Twitter or a Facebook user, you'll probably really appreciate the way the two services have been integrated into iOS.

If you've never Tweeted or used Facebook before go ahead and sign up for accounts. They're free and you may find that you use them a lot more than you expected to.

Using Twitter and Facebook
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Using Twitter and Facebook provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iPhone and iPod touch iOS 6 Essential Training

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