Sharing photos and video

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Sharing photos and video

Being able to store and view photos and videos on your iOS device's photo library is great because it gives you immediate access to show them to friends or other people. But there will be times when the people you want to show your photos to aren't standing right next to you, so you can't just hold up your device in front of them. So in this movie we'll take a look at the options you have for remotely sharing your photos and videos. Start by opening Photos, opening the Album or Collection containing the image you want to share, let's start with going into Albums, and then select the photo you want to share. Next tap the Share button in the lower left hand corner to reveal the sharing options.

We've already seen some of these options, but let's walk through them here. If you're on an iPhone, or if you're using iMessage on an iPad or iPod Touch, you can also send the photo as a multimedia message by tapping message. That opens a new message screen where you can enter the recipient's phone number or tap the plus symbol to select a person from your contacts to send this image to. Let's just cancel that. The mail option creates a new email message with the photo attached. All you have to do in this case is enter an address in the to field, type a subject, and if you want, some text in the body of the message, and then send it off.

We'll just cancel that, and delete the draft. Next is iCloud which is for sharing the photo to a shared photo stream. I'll be showing you how to use this in its own movie later. It allows you to share an album of images privately with specific people. Then we have the Twitter, Facebook Flickr buttons for tweeting your photo to your Twitter feed or posting your photo to your Facebook or Flickr accounts if you have them. Just tap any of these, enter some text about the photo if you like, and then choose the platform-specific options such as allowing location information to be visible in Twitter or Facebook, choosing which album or photo set to post the photo to in Facebook or Flickr, and deciding which of your friends can see it. In the second row of share options you'll find several options that are related to sharing or using the photo on your device. Copy, as we've seen before, copies the photos so that you can then paste it into another app, like a mail message or a document you're designing. We saw a slide show in action previously, but again, this plays your selected photos automatically, full screen on your device. Or choose Airplay to stream the slideshow to an Apple TV or other Airplay device. Next is assign to contact, which we also saw earlier and that lets attach the image to one of your contacts so that when they call you the photo you've selected will show up. You can assign the selected photo to be used as your devices wallpaper right from here, rather than having to go into settings and navigating to your photo from there. You can also print to an AirPrint enabled printer directly from here if you have one on the WiFi network that you're using. So those are the sharing options for photos. You'll find a different set of options for videos. Let's go back to the album and find a video to share. Here we tap the same button in the lower left hand corner, but notice we have fewer and different options. You can send the video in a text message, email it, and since this is a video, we also have the option to publish the video on YouTube, Facebook or Vimeo. Again, you have to have existing accounts with any of these services to publish to them from here. If you don't have an account, you have to go to the respective websites to sign up. You can't sign up for an account from here. And in the bottom row the only two options here are slide show and AirPlay. So, those are most of the options you have to share photos and videos, but you might have noticed that each of these methods only lets you share one photo or video at a time. There may be times when you want to attach several photos to an email. To do so, go to the album containing the photos you want to send. Then tap the Select button in the upper-right hand corner, and select a couple of photos. At the bottom of the screen we have the Share button, Add To, and the trash or delete button. If you're reviewing photos in an album that you sync from iTunes, you won't see the delete button. Share opens all the same options we were just looking at.

Add To lets you add selected photos to existing or new albums on your device, we'll look at how to create albums in an upcoming movie. And again if you have your camera roll selected as your album, you'll also see a delete button down here, but you can't delete photos from the regular albums you created on your device, so this button will be labeled remove. And again if you created the album on your computer and synced with your iPhone, you won't see a remove button here at all just, Share and Add To. So just start tapping the images you want to send, now as soon as I select more than one image, I lose the buttons to tweet, assigned to contact and use as wallpaper. Those options can only be used with the single images. If I select more than five photos, I lose the mail button. So you will lose certain options if you select more thumbnails or if you include movies in your selection. Let me show you something else about emailing photos in particular. Let's select five images, which is again the limit to the number of photos you can have selected and still see the mail button. Now at sidebar, you can get around this by selecting more images then tapping the Copy button and pasting the images into your mail message, but let's stick with the Mail button for now. So that opens a new message with the photos attached. Let's fill in a To address so I can show you what happens when you send your email. Let's tap Send. So now mail is telling me how large my mail is going to be in terms of megabytes. And that's a great feature because I can see if my files are going to be too large before I actually send them off. And as you can see, we have the option to optimize the images right from here. And each option includes an estimate of the approximate file size. So for example, you're just sending a snapshot to a friend and you know they're probably not going to print it out, you can just send them the small or medium size. If you want them to be able to see more detail or have that higher resolution for printing out chose Large or Actual Size. Let's just chose Medium here and send it off. Now if you did select more than five photos and copied and past them to get them into a mail message you'll get the same ability to adjust their size, which you'll probably have to do if you're planning on emailing a lot of photos. Now you can also send multiple photos from the photos tab by going into Moments.

Notice each separate moment has it's own share button. Tap it and you can chose to share the entire moment or just some photos. Choosing Share This Moment opens the sharing area and the options you see will again be limited by the number of photos in the moment that you are sharing. Chose share some photos and you can tap to select specific photos and then tap share. And again you'll see the options available based on the number of pictures you selected. So those are the options for sharing your photos and videos from the photos app in iOS 7,

Sharing photos and video
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Sharing photos and video provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iOS 7: iPhone and iPad Essential Training

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