Programming for Non-Programmers: iOS 7

with Todd Perkins
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Programming for Non-Programmers: iOS 7
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iOS app development is actually simpler than you might think—even if you're not an experienced programmer. In this course, Todd Perkins bundles the most important concepts in iOS into a quick course, explaining the development process in a visual way that people of any background can understand. No programming experience required! At the end, you'll have a finished app and a basic understanding of Xcode, the toolset for developing iOS apps; building blocks like variables, functions, and conditional statements; and interface design. You can also figure out if an iOS learning path is right for you, without a lengthy time commitment.

If you find you'd like to learn more, see iOS App Development Essential Training, Foundations of Programming: Fundamentals, or any of the other programming courses in our library.

Topics include:
  • Installing Xcode
  • Creating an Xcode project
  • Configuring the iOS Simulator
  • Understanding variables
  • Connecting visual objects to variables
  • Understanding functions, methods, and selectors
  • Connecting a button to a function
  • Using conditional statements
  • Setting up the user interface
  • Connecting code elements to build an app


- [Voiceover] Hi, I'm Todd Perkins. Welcome to Programming for Non-Programmers: iOS 7. As a self-taught programmer, I find great satisfaction in teaching people how to program, especially those who are new to programming. My one goal for this course is that anyone without any prior programming experience will be able to create an iPhone app in an afternoon. Whether you're an artist, student, entrepreneur or have any other background, if you have a great app idea and want to dive into iOS app development as quickly as possible, this course is for you.

So let's begin with Programming for Non-Programmers: iOS 7.

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