Exploring the iOS 7 Update

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Exploring the iOS 7 Update

My name is Jess Stratton and welcome to Monday Productivity Pointers. This week I'm very excited to bring you iOS 7 and show you some new features and to go over some things that you may find confusing to help you out as you get used to it. The first thing you'll notice is that you have an all new look and all your icons have changed to match the new look of iOS 7. And yes, your wallpaper and your icons are indeed moving with something they call, dynamic backgrounds.

You can choose to change it to a still one and Apple gave us a nice new list of still backgrounds in settings. The first thing I want to show you is the control center. Everything is one tap away. A simple swipe up from the bottom of the screen. Brings up the control center. And from here I can do things like toggle bluetooth, WiFi, and airplane mode on or off. I can change the brightness, I can adjust the music player controls. I can even air drop things to other people who are nearby and using an iOS7 device, such as photos, or videos, or contacts.

Finally I can access some useful utilities, like a flashlight, clock, calculator and even access the camera, a simple swipe downward will make it go away. Now you can disable it when you're in an app, for example if you're using an app that has a similar motion and you keep swiping it by mistake. You can also disable it from being used via the lock screen. Now, if I swipe down from the top of the screen this brings up the notification center. Now, the first thing that you'll notice is that the weather is all text based now.

I can see what the first thing on my calendar is, what's going on tomorrow. And I can totally customize this. I can add a calendar view, stocks. I can even have it show me my overdue reminders. And I can customize all this in settings. If I switch to the All tab, right at the top, I can see any of my app notifications. In fact, here's some mail ones that are coming in right now. I can also tab to the missed one, which will show me any notifications that happened while my phone was in lock mode. A quick swipe up, and the notification screen goes away.

Now, something that's different in IOS 7 is where Spotlight searches. In previous versions, if I swipe to the right, I got a new screen with a magnifying glass. And from there, I can search on any app where it is. To access spotlight search now, I need to swipe down from the middle of the screen. This is going to bring up a search box, and now I can type in any app or contact or piece of text. I'll tap Cancel and get out of it for now. But while we're talking about missing apps, I'm going to open up a folder.

I can now put unlimited amount of apps in folders. I'm not capped by a limit anymore. And I also see less apps per screen now. So if you notice that some of your apps are missing from a folder, look for the dots at the bottom of the screen and that will tell you how many swipes you have to go over all the apps that are in that folder. For example, in my Utilities folder, I have two screens worth of apps where it used to only take up one. To move between apps, double tap the home screen quickly.

This is going to bring up the view where I can go back and forth between any app that I have open. To close out of an app, I used to have to press and hold an app, and then tap the minus symbol next to that app to close it out. Now all I have to do is swipe up with my thumb and it goes away. So speaking of apps, the app store can now update your apps automatically. But don't worry about missing any new features. If I go into the app store, I can now tap updates in the bottom right hand side of the screen. And I can see the date that the app was updated.

And I can go to what's new and to see what actually changed. So I won't have to miss any new features. There's some new features in the App Store also. For example, right in the bottom middle of the screen, there's a feature that says Near Me. This is going to show me any apps that are located in places of physical proximity to me. Now this is great if I'm touring and I want to see if any museums have any apps or local stores. There's also a new category for kids, and we never had this before. If I tap Featured, and then Categories, I can scroll to the kids category and it's going to show me kids apps sorted by age, which is fantastic if I'm browsing for new games for my kids.

Let's talk about what's new with some standard apps. One of my favorite new feature is in iMessage. Now, it used to be that if you had a message, you were never really sure what time that message came in. But now, I can tap and hold quickly and move to the left hand side of the screen. Now I'm still holding down with my finger, and I can see a timestamp of every single text. As soon as I let go, it goes away. Another really great feature, is in the compass app. I'm going to swipe down from the middle of the screen again, to open up spotlight search.

Now the compass app is not new, but there's something really neat inside the compass app that is new. Here's my standard compass, but if I swipe to the left-hand side of the screen, I now have a built-in level on my iPhone. This is really fun, it actually works in both landscape mode and portrait mode. Siri has also gotten some updates. The first one is that it can integrate with things like twitter. For example, what is saying on twitter? >> Checking Twitter. I found some tweets.

>> So now I can quickly say what one person or a particular brand or a particular celebrity or a news outlet is saying on Twitter. I can also change pronunciation. In previous versions Siri used to have some trouble pronouncing certain family members names and now you can simply say that's not how you pronounce that. And Siri will walk you through some steps so that you can update the pronunciation of names. Let's talk about the camera. There's some new camera features now too. The first one is burst mode.

This means that you can hold down the shutter button, and your iPhone will keep taking pictures until you let go. This will hopefully allow you to get at least one good shot out of maybe 20 that you could take. I'm going to open up the camera now, because you can also take things like square shots. And if you're using the new iPhone 5c, you can take gorgeous slow-mo video now. So right now I'm taking a regular photo, but if I swipe to the left. I can see that it now changes into a square. And I can also further swipe and take a panoramic shot.

What's really neat is I can tap the three dots on the right hand side. And I can see some live filters that I could add to the photo. I can see how these filters are going to look, before I even take the photo. If I want to go back to the normal way of looking at the camera, I can simply tap None in the middle and it will remove any live previews of filters. There's lots of ways to view photos. If I tap the photos icon, the first thing I see is that I'm in the photo section. This is a really fun way to look at your photos.

It starts out by viewing it as a year and each year holds collections. And each collection holds something Apple calls moments. You can see your photos taken in various physical locations. For example if I tap and hold I can scroll through all my photos organized by year, when I took them, and where I took them. If you want to get back to your camera roll, tap albums on the right hand side, because your camera roll is really just an album. So if you want to find it and get back to the way you used to look at photos, you can simply go back to your camera roll.

Let's open up the web browser. I'm going to open up Safari. Now the first thing that you'll notice when you scroll is that you're automatically running in Full Screen Mode. To get out of Full Screen Mode, or to get to your Bookmark bar, or the top URL bar, simply tap near the bottom of the screen. It's going to open up the navigation bars and the top search bar. Now in that search bar, you can either type a URL or a search query. There's only one bar now. I can tap the two icons in the very bottom right hand side of the screen, and this is how I can navigate back and forth between any open browser windows that I have open.

To remove one, I can simply swipe it off the screen. Let's move onto music. Pandora-like music streaming has come to the iPhone, and it's called iTunes Radio. You can create your own station and customize it by adding songs, artists, and even genres of music that you like. To find iTunes radio you first need to go into the music app. From there tap Radio in the bottom left hand side. This is where you can create your new station and start using iTunes radio right away. Finally, there's one more feature that I want to tell you about.

And that is that FaceTime now has an audio only option. So why would you not just use the phone? Well for one, now you can use your iPad just like a phone. And it also uses WiFi instead of your iPhone's cellular connection. So now you have a new way to make an international call to somebody else using an iOS device also. So as time goes by, we'll all discover some new features and hopefully will let you easily navigate your way through iOS 7.

Exploring the iOS 7 Update
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Exploring the iOS 7 Update provides you with in-depth training on Business. Taught by Jess Stratton and Garrick Chow and Nick Brazzi as part of the Monday Productivity Pointers

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