Building a Note-Taking App for iOS 7

with Todd Perkins
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Building a Note-Taking App for iOS 7
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Building an app for just one mobile platform isn't good enough anymore. But iOS is a good start. This course helps you build a simple note-taking app in iOS 7, which you can then recreate for Android and Windows Phone in Building a Note-Taking App for Android and Building a Note-Taking App for Windows Phone 8 and Windows Store.

These courses take you through building a complete mobile app from scratch; this installment uses the iOS SDK and Xcode to get the job done. Author Todd Perkins shows you how to create an Xcode project, lay out apps visually, connect UI elements to code, and save data to persistent storage. Start here, and compare and contrast your results with the other courses to learn about the differences and similarities of the platforms.

Topics include:
  • Previewing the note-taking app's features
  • Creating the Xcode project
  • Using local data storage
  • Creating a data class
  • Saving data to a file
  • Understanding screens and storyboards
  • Creating and editing notes
  • Controlling note display in a table view
  • Deleting notes


- [Voiceover] Welcome to building a note-taking app for iOS, I'm Todd Perkins, I'll be walking you through building a simple app in iOS from scratch. Throughout the course, we'll look at how to lay out your apps visually, how to connect UI elements to your code, and how to save data to persistent storage. So let's build an app.

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