iOS SDK: Building Apps with MapKit and Core Location

with Véronique Brossier
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iOS SDK: Building Apps with MapKit and Core Location
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This course shows iOS developers how to add location awareness and maps to Apple iPhone and iPad applications. Discover how to show customers and clients where you're located and share directions with them.

Author Véronique Brossier covers the basic purpose of the Core Location and MapKit frameworks and how to integrate their services with your existing applications. Véronique shows how to center a map on a location, add annotations, create overlays, and zoom and navigate around maps. The course also covers how to leverage live location data such as course and speed and modify it when necessary.

Topics include:
  • Displaying maps
  • Reviewing the geographic coordinate system in MapKit
  • Centering the map on the user location
  • Adding interactivity to annotations
  • Creating overlays with shapes and lines
  • Starting and stopping location services
  • Defining the distance between two locations
  • Implementing forward or reverse geocoding
iOS Xcode


- [Voiceover] Hello, my name is V?ronique Brossier. Welcome to the iOS SDK Building Apps with Mapkit and Core Location. In this course, I will cover the Mapkit framework and the core location framework. I will show you how to embed a map in your application and focus it on the defined region, personalize a map with customized annotations, add emphasis using overlays. I will take you through the process of gathering location data and use it to define distance between locations and to navigate in and out of the region.

We will also review some of the benefits of geo-coding servicers to translate coordinates to a location with its relevant information. Geo-coding has become a prevalent feature on the iPhone and iPad, and an increasing focus in App development. I am excited to be presenting iOS SDK Building Apps with Mapkit and Core Location.

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