Export to the Media Browser from IMovie 11 to Share Movies

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Exporting to the Media Browser

Now, let's continue looking at our Sharing options in iMovie, found under the Share menu. Previously, we exported a mobile and Medium version of our project to iTunes. Now, let's look at the Media Browser option. The Media Browser is sort of the central location, or library, shared by all the iLife applications from where you can access your photos, music, and videos from all the other iLife applications. Now what's not really obvious is that when I shared these versions of the iMovie project with iTunes in the previous movie, I actually added those versions to my Media Browser. Again, I can see that I shared this with iTunes by going over to iTunes, and here I can find those copies of the video that I exported.

But if I open up other iLife Applications, like iWeb, and I create a new page, maybe a movie page, and I go over to the Media Browser here under Movies, notice we have iMovie listed here, and here I find my Surfing Ventura movie. So notice we have both the Medium and the Mobile versions available to us here. So I can instantly drag one of these movies to this Movie Placeholder here on my iWebpage, and it's instantly added. I can publish this right to the web without having to export another version of this movie from iMovie.

So you can see all of my projects that I've created in iMovie are now available here. But notice if I click on one of these other projects, I'll see a message telling me that this movie project can't be used yet because it hasn't been prepared for sharing, meaning I haven't shared it to my Media Browser or to iTunes, and that's the same for Snap to Beat and Surfing Trailer, all of which we've created in the course of this training title. But I did export the movies for Surfing Ventura, which is why they are not showing up here. Hide iWeb for the moment. Similarly, if I go into GarageBand and let's say I am working with a podcast-- Just create a new one called Podcast.

Again, if I go to the Movies in the Media Browser here, I'll see the same thing. Here is my Surfing Ventura movies, and again, here are my movies, and the versions that I exported. Again, I can just drag that into my GarageBand project. Once it processes it, there it is! You can see a little preview playing up here. So again, when you export the iTunes you are exporting to the Media Browser.

This means that you only have to export your movie once to use it in any other iLife application that can work with video. But if you don't want your movie to be stored in iTunes, you can also just go to the Share menu and choose Media Browser. Notice that the Mobile and Medium versions are already grayed out because I've already published versions at that size to my Media Browser. So let's choose Large and then click Publish. That's all I really had to do: just pick a size and click Publish. So now iMovie is doing its thing again where it's creating the large version of the movie.

Now, it's done. So if I go back to one of my other iLife applications, like GarageBand, and now when I look under the Movies in Media Browser, you can see we have the Mobile, Medium, and now we also have the Large version. So all three versions are now available here, and the same would go if we look the Media Browser in iWeb or in iDVD. The movie does not get added to iTunes, though. There's no media browser in iTunes. So if you want to send the movie to iTunes, you have to choose that option in iMovie. Again, that's Share > iTunes. So that's what happens when you share to the Media Browser.

It's very useful when you plan on using your movies in other iLife applications.

Exporting to the Media Browser
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Exporting to the Media Browser provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iMovie 11 Essential Training

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