iPhoto '09 Essential Training

with Damian Allen
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iPhoto '09 Essential Training
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iPhoto '09 transforms the way photo libraries are organized with its new Faces and Places features. In iPhoto '09 Essential Training, instructor Damian Allen reveals how to make an iPhoto library easily searchable using the new automated facial recognition technology, and he demonstrates how to organize and find photos based on where they were taken using geotagging. He explains in simple terms the process of professional editing and color correction, and the best way to share photo collections both online and through professional books, calendars, and cards. Exercise files accompany the

Topics include:
  • Importing images from a camera, iPhone, or files
  • Learning how to navigate in iPhoto
  • Creating events and Smart Albums using Faces
  • Searching for images using keywords
  • Quickly adding location data to photos using Places
  • Creating stylish travel maps for photo books
  • Retouching, correcting, and enhancing photos
  • Building calendars, greeting cards, and custom photo books
  • Sharing photos on Flickr and Facebook with a few simple clicks


(bright music) - [Voiceover] Welcome to iPhoto 09 Essential Training. I'm Damian Allen, president of Pixerati, a post-production studio based in L.A. I'll be taking you through this comprehensive training in iPhoto 09. Now if you're brand new to iPhoto, be sure to check out the getting started section first to get a feel for the interface. You'll also get to see how to import images from different sources, set preferences, and how to navigate inside of iPhoto. And regardless of whether you're a new user, or you're an iPhoto veteran from versions past, the faces and places features in this new version will change the way you organize your photos.

If you've always wanted to fix the color in your photos or touch them up a little, I'll be teaching you how to crop an image, straighten it, adjust the exposure, create effects, and apply lots of other enhancements. You'll soon find that tweaking a few simple sliders can make good photos look amazing. And finally, I'll show you how to share your photos on different viewing platforms like Facebook and Flickr and in various formats. So go ahead, grab your latest shots, launch iPhoto 09, and let's get straight into it.

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