iMovie '09 Essential Training

with Damian Allen
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iMovie '09 Essential Training
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iMovie '09 is a powerful video editing tool that is part of Apple's iLife suite. In iMovie '09 Essential Training, Damian Allen takes new and intermediate users through the steps to create professional-looking video. Damian covers the whole editing process, from importing audio, video, and image files to adding text and graphics. He also teaches several ways to share a finished piece with others. Exercise files accompany the course.

Topics include:
  • Understanding basic editing techniques
  • Working with wipes, dissolves, and other transitions
  • Mixing music with dialogue
  • Smoothing out shaky footage
  • Applying and manipulating video effects
  • Using animated themes in a video
  • Enhancing video and still images using RGB and level controls
  • Using comment markers and keywords to locate material
  • Sharing projects with Final Cut Pro editors


- Welcome to iMovie '09 Essential Training. I'm Damian Allen, president of Pixerati, a post-production studio based in LA. I'll be taking you through this comprehensive training on iMovie '09. As you work through the training, you'll be surprised by just how much can be done with iMovie using the intuitive design of the '09 interface. I'll show you the basics of importing your footage to iMovie and explain how its powerful skimming technology brings your entire archive of video alive under your mouse pointer. Then we'll get into the new features of iMovie from advanced precision editing to special effects like green screen.

Now if you've already been working with iMovie '08, you'll probably want to jump first to the sections on managing your library and editing your projects to see the new workflow features. The new themes are also definitely worth taking a look at and if you've never used iMovie or if you've been using it in a version prior to iMovie '08, you should probably start with the overview lessons to become oriented to the software interface. Obviously, you'll also want to watch the lessons on importing video from your camcorder into iMovie as well. Then get to know the library before heading into the editing section to learn how to make your own movies.

Most importantly, give iMovie a little time. If you've used other video editing software, iMovie might seem a little foreign at first. But you'll quickly find its skimming and editing system actually adds an intuitive approach to making movies that's just not there in other software. So take your camcorder, go ahead and shoot some video, and then let's bring it into iMovie '09 and make some movies.

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