Working with the enhanced editing tools

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Working with the enhanced editing tools

In iPhoto '09, you will find improvements to previously existing editing tools as well as the selection of new editing tools to help make your photos look better than ever. Let's start by taking a look at some of the improvements to existing tools. So here we have a photo with the common problem of red eye. Red eye correction has been in iPhoto for a while but now that iPhoto has the ability to detect faces in your pictures, correcting red eye is even easier. To fix red eye, just click the Edit button and then click Red Eye. If iPhoto has detected a face in the photo, this Auto button will be available. Click it, and iPhoto instantly removes the red eye. How cool is that?! I will press the Shift key a couple of times and watch the eyes there and you can see how good a job iPhoto did on removing the red eye and it works with more than one person in the photo as well.

Again, for this picture, we have the Auto button available, so clicking that, and the red eye problem in both of the kids' faces here is gone. Unfortunately, we can't do anything about the frog's red eyes. Red eye improvement only works on humans. Now, in photos where iPhoto wasn't able to detect faces such as this one, you will find the Auto button is grayed out. So clicking it will have no effect. So red eye here has to be fixed manually. Let's zoom in a bit on this photo. Notice it also brings up the Navigation pane here which allows you to drag around, and position your photo once you are zoomed-in on it.

As with previous versions of iPhoto, you can manually fix red eye by clicking in each pupil with the Red Eye tool. But here in iPhoto '09, you now have the Size slider, which allows you to visually size the Red Eye tool to best match the size of the pupil you are trying to fix. So probably right around there, and you can move this if you want to get the Size slider there a little bit closer, try to compare, right there, and let me click once. I kind of missed. I'm going to Command+Z to undo that, do another one, and then we click on this eye, and we can do the same over here.

Now, in this one, the eye is partially obscured. So I'm going to make my Red Eye tool a little bit smaller. It's not too bad, I'll just make that a little bit smaller and just get the little bit of edge that I left there. Here we go. That's not bad, and we'll zoom back out, and there we go. So it's still easy to fix red eye even when iPhoto isn't able to detect the face in your photo. Now, similarly the Retouch tool, which allows you to paint away unwanted blemishes on your photos, has also been given the Size slider. So with my Retouch tool selected, this allows me to be much more precise with my corrections. So I can increase or decrease the size of my Retouch tool.

So if I wanted to get rid of these little spots that I see on her shirt here, I can just resize that, make that a little smaller, and just paint right over them, and I get rid of those spots, drag down a little bit, or you can make the Retouch tool larger to get rid of bigger blemishes like this, or maybe I just want to even get rid of these hand- drawn letters here. I can just paint right over those and there we go. And one more there, make it a little bit smaller to get that final of the spot, and again you can press the Shift key to see your changes.

Now, also improved in this version of iPhoto is the Enhance button. Like the Red Eye and Retouch tools, the Enhance button has been around for a while and it's used to brighten dark photos and adjust exposure and contrast levels in your pictures. In previous versions of iPhoto, you basically just clicked Enhance and that was that. Let me undo that by hitting Command+Z. But here in iPhoto '09, if you open the Adjust pane, you can actually see what the Enhance button does. So watch the Adjust pane when I click Enhance. So you can see it adjust the saturation a bit, increase the Shadow slider, and it did a couple of other things as well.

So not only does the Enhance tool still make your photo look better in most cases, but this is also now a great way to learn how to make manual adjustments to your photos. While we are here in the Adjust panel, let's look at two brand-new features that you will find here. First, we have the Definition slider, which lets you increase the clarity and reduce the haze in your photo, but without adding too much contrast across the entire photo. Notice as I drag the slider to the right, the edges in the photo become much more defined. Now, it's up to you to determine how much definition you want to add to your photos, but adding even a little bit can help make your photos pop a little more.

Again, pressing the Shift key, I can see the improvements that I have made. And speaking of popping, the final new editing tool I want to show you is this check box here that says Avoid saturating skin tones. Now this photograph here is okay, but it's pretty flat tonally. It would be nice to increase the overall saturation to make the colors pop a little more, but look what happens when I drag the Saturation slider to the right. The colors look more vibrant, but the little girl's skin tone looks really unnatural. As you have probably guessed, that's what this check box is here for.

iPhoto '09 is able to recognize skin tones and knows how to let you increase the saturation of the rest of the picture without making the people in the photos look radioactive. So notice as I drag the Saturation slider to the right, the little girl's skin tone pretty much stays the same, yet I'm increasing the saturation of the balloons and the grass. I call it smart saturation. Again, holding down the Shift key, you can see the difference. So everything is a lot more vibrant and colorful from the balloons to the grass to the shirt, but the skin tones are staying relatively the same. So there you have the new and improved editing tools you'll find in iPhoto '09.

Working with the enhanced editing tools
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Working with the enhanced editing tools provides you with in-depth training on Video. Taught by Garrick Chow as part of the iLife '09 New Features

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