iTunes 5 and 6 + iPod Essential Training

with Garrick Chow
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iTunes 5 and 6 + iPod Essential Training
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Combine your iPod with the iTunes software and online music store, and you have access to a revolutionary new way to enjoy, store, and catalog music. From basic playback and download techniques, to utilizing parental controls, fine-tuning track shuffling, and downloading and creating Podcasts, instructor Garrick Chow will get you in sync with iTunes and your iPod.

Topics include:
  • Maneuvering around the iTunes interface
  • Downloading and importing music
  • Adding song lyrics and other track information
  • Backing up your music library
  • Utilizing Smart Playlists and Shuffle options
  • Subscribing to Podcasts and creating your own
  • Using third-party software to add album cover art
  • Essential (and not so essential) iPod accessories and add-ons
  • Tips and tricks for your iPod
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