iPhoto 5 Essential Training

with Garrick Chow
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iPhoto 5 Essential Training
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Is your digital camera's memory card filled with photos you haven't copied to your Mac yet? Are the photos on your hard drive randomly scattered everywhere? Did you take an almost-perfect-but-slightly-crooked shot? Take control of your digital photos with iPhoto 5 Essential Training. These movies are packed with tons of useful tips on managing your photo library, editing your pictures, and sharing them with friends and family. In almost no time you will learn how to organize, sort, rate, and locate specific pictures as well as how to rotate images, remove redeye, and adjust exposure settings. You'll also learn how to share your photos via email, the Web, over a network, and even by ordering prints and books online. Stop just taking pictures and start enjoying them- learn what iPhoto 5 and your Mac have to offer.

Topics include:
  • The iPhoto library
  • Using multiple libraries
  • Adding keywords
  • Burning a backup CD or DVD
  • Setting exposure and levels
  • Creating a slideshow
  • Creating a .Mac homepage gallery
  • Ordering prints
  • Creating an iDVD photo DVD


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