iBooks Author for Teachers: Fundamentals

with Mike Rankin
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iBooks Author for Teachers: Fundamentals
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Start repurposing your existing classroom materials into iBooks Author projects. In this course, Mike Rankin shows how to leverage the templates and intuitive toolset in iBooks Author to create custom course material. He shows how to import your content from Microsoft Office and other sources; use fonts, images, audio, and video to build an engaging ebook; format special content like math and science equations; and ensure you have permission to use content in your projects. And since time is always at a premium for teachers, Mike shares his personal efficiency tips and tricks for making the most of your time.

Topics include:
  • Creating and editing layouts
  • Setting text preferences
  • Working with color and images
  • Importing and moving content
  • Adding an image gallery widget
  • Creating scrolling sidebars and pop-overs
  • Incorporating audio and video
  • Creating reviews with multiple choice and matching questions
  • Sharing iBooks Author projects via email and PDF
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- Hi, I'm Mike Rankin, and welcome to iBooks Author for Teachers: Fundamentals. In this course, we'll be exploring the key fetaures and techniques you can use to create great looking, highly engaging, interactive content for students with iPads. We'll begin by discussing how to get your projects started the right way with templates. Then, we'll look at how to work with each component of a project, including the ins and outs of working with texts and styles. I'll show how to place images and improve their appearance, plus how to add media, like audio and video.

And of course, we'll see how to create every kind interactive widget inside iBooks Author, how to test your project on an iPad, and even how to extract assets and archive them. Not only does iBooks Author help you create great content for your students. I think you'll also find it's a lot of fun to use. So, let's get started right now with iBooks Author for Teachers: Fundamentals.

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