Up and Running with eDrawings

with Gabriel Corbett
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Up and Running with eDrawings
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eDrawings is a free design-review tool for viewing 2D drawings and complex 3D CAD models and assemblies in a compact format. And it's not just for engineers; eDrawings is designed for anyone who needs to review designs and doesn't have access to CAD software. In this course, Gabriel Corbett shows you how to view, print, and review files with eDrawings. Learn how to create and work with views, which give you better insights into your model; add annotations like notes, measurements, and shapes; and view and reply to comments from reviewers. Plus learn to view and share drawings on mobile devices with the eDrawings app for mobile devices.

Topics include:
  • Opening and saving eDrawing files
  • Working with AutoCAD, DWG, and DXF files
  • Touring the interface
  • Measuring a model
  • Creating section views
  • Looking at exploded views
  • Adding measure annotation
  • Drawing shapes
  • Replying to comments
  • Using the eDrawings app for iOS
  • Sharing drawings on an iPad


- [Voiceover] Hi I'm Gabriel Corbett and welcome to Up and Running with eDrawings. eDrawings is a free downloadable viewing software to view, print, and review all types of 3D and 2D files. In addition to the native eDrawing formats, the viewer allows convenient viewing of supported AutoCAD, DWG and DXF files. The eDrawings viewer compacts large complex assemblies down into small individual files that are easy to view and easy to send via email. The software is free and is available on a variety of platforms like PC, Mac, and iOS.

So let's get started with Up and Running with eDrawings.

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